Margarine Vs. Butter: A Greasy Battle!

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mgvsbFirst is Margarine, weighing in with 2 grams of saturated fat, 4 grams polyunsaturated fat, 2 grams monounsaturated fat, and 3 grams trans-fatty acids for a total of 11 grams of fat per tablespoon. Energy equals 100 calories per tablespoon with no cholesterol.

The opponent is Butter with 7.6 grams saturated fat, .5 grams polyunsaturated rated fat, 3.6 grams monounsaturated fat, and .3 grams trans-fatty acids for a total of 12 grams of fat per tablespoon Energy equals 108 calories per tablespoon with 33 mg cholesterol.

At first glance, it would appear Margarine is the obvious favorite. Earning points for no cholesterol, much less saturated fat, and about the same number …

Smart Kids Saving The World…

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skstwMeet three big-time eco-winners. Not only did they win regional contests for best projects, they received the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) top award: the President’s Environmental Youth Award.

Jason Spanel, Eldorado, Illinois

On your vacation, you may pass by swamps and lakes. In school you learn the importance of wetlands. But have you ever thought of making one? Jason Spanel did.

The going was tough. Imagine: You are a teenager. You have to deal with business leaders–who are not thinking about wetlands. But Jason was determined. He talked to business people, private groups, and government agencies. He convinced people of the importance of restoring a 3.1 -acre site. They forged a …

Drug Interactions Can Be Deadly

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dgirnDr. Thompson grabbed Roger and checked his pulse. It was very slow. So was his breathing. Roger seemed to be oversedated–but why?

Roger quickly regained consciousness and was able to talk to Dr. Thompson. “Roger, did you forget to tell me about any drugs you’re taking? Any kind, whether over-the-counter or prescription drugs.”

“I guess I did forget, Dr. Thompson.” Roger wrinkled his forehead. “A week ago, I hurt my back during football practice. The pain wouldn’t let up, and I kept having my muscle spasms. So I went to my doctor, and she prescribed a muscle relaxant.”

“That explains it,” said Dr. Thompson. “The combination of anesthesia and your …

Safety First When You’re Playing Sports

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sfwyfsWhen it comes to sports and gamoidaying, saving face can mean more than covering up for an embarrassment. it can literally mean “saving your face.” How? By using the correct safety equipment.

Baseball Smarts

It’s a fact: Early professional baseball players did not wear mitts. How would you like to catch a Roger Clemens fastball with your bare hand?

Even later, the first batting helmets (plastic baseball caps) appeared. Now, helmets have a padded inner liner and the added protection of padded earflaps. Some even have a clear plastic face guard.

To prevent facial injuries, many pediatricians endorse the face guard. Baseballs and softballs combined cause about 170,000 facial injuries a …

Is Your Detector On The Job?

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tstrLast year, in Orlando, Florida, a mobile home burned down due to an overloaded electrical circuit. A young woman died in that fire. Her parents had removed the battery from their smoke detector to power a transistor radio!

In September 1994, at Southampton Village, New York, Vitas Gerulaitis, the famous tennis star, was found dead in his pool-side bungalow. He had been overcome by carbon monoxide that had leaked into his cottage from an improperly installed pool heater.

Flames, smoke, and carbon-monoxide poisoning cause thousands of deaths and injuries every year. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), about 4,000 people die in residential fires each year in …

Is Dairy Still A Good Idea?

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dbagiAfter roaring around the track for 500 miles at breakneck speed, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 is rewarded a drink. For more than 50 years, that drink has been a cold bottle of milk.

The first milk drinker was Louis Meyer, a three-time winner of the race. After five hot and thirsty hours of driving, he requested his favorite drink, buttermilk. Now it’s a tradition that everyone is happy to continue.

Milk can be a “winning” drink for you, too. This thirst quencher comes packed with energy, calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals. When it comes to nutrition, no sports drink or soda can come close to milk. The Food …

The Smartest Travel Mode? Biking!

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sbiclLike many teenagers, you may figure that having your own car would be your ticket to freedom. You could go where you want, when you want. You wouldn’t have to hitch a ride with friends or with your parents.

But if you already have a car, you know that automotive freedom isn’t free at all. On average, a new car costs about 60 times as much as a new bicycle. A used car costs less, but still a lot more than a bike. Most teens who own a car and pay for it themselves find that gas, minor repairs, and auto insurance eat up a large portion of what they earn …

The Skinny On Folk Remedies

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faorFoods and herbs have long been used to help relieve a variety of ills. While some are more folklore than folk medicine, others have gained recent medical recognition. See if you can answer these home remedy questions.

1. If you can’t sleep, what might help soothe you into slumberland?

(a) root beer (b) milk with honey (c) lemonade spiced with cinnamon

2. What, if anything, can eating garlic do?

(a) ward off vampires (b) nothing – it just gives you bad breath (c) fight off infection

3. Which settles an upset stomach?

(a) prune juice (b) ginger (c) coffee

To find the answers, read on.

While some remedies, such as …

Is Rabies Still A Threat To America?

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rsatfaOn November 29, 1994, Rolando Barian of Edinburg, Texas, died of rabies. He was bitten by a dog. The rabies virus was most likely transferred from a coyote to the dog, because coyotes are the main carriers of rabies in Texas. Rabies is not just a problem in Texas, however. Animal rabies is on the rise all over the country.

Rabies is a disease caused by a virus. A virus is a tiny organism that uses healthy cells to survive and multiply. Under a powerful electron microscope, the rabies virus looks bullet-shaped with little spikes. Although the virus is only a fraction of the size of the head of a …

Inside Your Brain: What Makes You Go!

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istbThe human brain.

For ages, people have wondered how it works. From prehistoric healers who drilled holes into living skulls to medieval scientists who dissected stolen corpses, investigators have spent centuries searching for answers. Their progress was discouraging. Brain scientists had to wait on the sidelines as other researchers split the atom and mapped the moon. They needed better ways to explore the human brain.

Now, at last, the ways are here.

By combining computer technology with sensitive scanning equipment, scientists can finally watch the brain as it works. In the last 10 years they have learned more about the brain than in all previous history.

And we can learn with